We give back more than we receive.

Understandably, circulation executives have some concerns about converting their publication files to a new system. It requires some thought, some patience and some energy by you and your new fulfillment company. But once you decide to convert, you have a unique chance to start fresh again, to build the programs you want, to move forward to a new level of fulfillment service.

Conversions at Epsilon are more than just copying data.

We view it as a chance to cleanse your file, reorganize audit data so it's easy to identify and retrieve, to purge the dupes (with your approval), to reassign demographic codes for legibility, to build programs to help you manage your business better. It's your chance to start over.

When we convert, all the data we receive will be stored permanently in the subscribers' records.

So later, in a few months or even years, should you want to retrieve data for second or third generation analysis, we can do it. Of course, conversions are fully balanced against the reports we receive from your previous fulfillment company. We do conversions carefully and we do them fast, usually in less than a week. Collectively, our staff has done more than one hundred and fifty. A fast conversion gives you ample time to review the output before the next file update is due. At this point, we'll sit down with you to answer your questions and make any modifications you suggest. 

An example:

During one of these reviews with a new client -- we learned that because of the demographic mix -- the circulation director was clerically manipulating data for the Publisher' s Statement. It took her many hours, twice a year. We developed a program to consolidate this information into a new report and deliver it monthly. It not only saved clerical time, but it was more reliable and accurate.

Moreover, we found inconsistencies between old and new records which caused headaches with the auditor. We cleaned them up and made everything uniform. We can do as much for you. Epsilon will convert your file from any source -- whether they're from an in-house PC system or outside mainframe. What's more conversions are free.

We have:

  •  The System
  •  The Staff
  •  The Service
  •  And the Savvy

 All waiting for you at Epsilon.