"How are we doing?"

This is the question often asked by publishers and managers about their circulation. The answer lies in the quality and timeliness of the reports generated from the update. Epsilon's reports meet the test. If you need a custom report, we'll develop it for you at the time of conversion. Here below is our standard package.

Issue Report:

A one-page overview of your subscription file, by every major category, balanced to the previous issue.

Source/Effort Analyses:

Tracks response from almost unlimited number of source codes, measuring response against previous source codes.

BPA/AAM Reports:

Formatted like your Publisher's Statement and includes paragraphs 1, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

Paid Expiration Analyses:

Paid and credit subscriptions by expire date, for planning print orders or paid projections. 

Cash & Credit Payment Analyses:

Detailed analyses of cash and credit payments, by source.

Cross Tab Analysis Reports:

Customized to your specific needs.

Renewal Response/Percentage Analyses:

Broad overview of renewal activity, plus billing response by effort.

Accounts Receivable Analyses:

Amount of dollars owed to the publisher from credit subscribers.

Renewal Percentage Analyses:

Reports renewal percentage by expire group and overall file for any specified period. 

Earned Income/Copy Liability Analyses:

Multi-part report deals with copies, subs and dollars, by issue -- and includes an open credit analyses by bill-code.


Probable Dupe Analyses, Batch Reconciliation Analyses, International Geographical Analyses, Transaction Register/Update Audit Trail.
Epsilon's reports are clear and easy to understand. Should you need help, we are always available. Call us for a copy of our “Sample Reports Package,” which describes each of Epsilon’s reports in great detail.

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