Service options

We offer both Full and/or Partial services:

Epsilon is flexible and will tailor a fulfillment program to fit your needs.

Full Service:

This includes the entire circulation process -- mail pick-up, caging, data entry, document storage, audit statement preparation and on-site auditing.

Partial Service:

This includes data entry, printing issue labels and generating reports. Publisher's staff handles the rest. Or, you can have it any way you wish. For example, if you prefer full service but want to handle your own customer service, it's perfectly okay -- and we'll adjust the price accordingly. You may choose to handle the cash but not code, batch or enter data. This option is also available. We'll gladly work with you on any combinations of service.

Supplementary Services:

In addition to basic fulfillment services, Epsilon offers additional support to help you market your subscriber file and expand service to subscribers. Direct Mail Planning: A dynamic promotion mailer is Epsilon's Global Wire Service letter -- a highly successful laser letter for renewals, bills, requalifications, new business and reader surveys. They're custom designed -- and personalized with your logo and signature. You are billed only for usage, no inventory required. Ask us for samples and pricing for a test.

Also available from Epsilon:

  • Merge/Purge
  • List Rental
  • Toll-free Service
  • Custom Programming 
  • Credit Card Processing
  • File Access via the Internet
  • Source Document Storage and Retreival

 We are anxious to help you grow. Tell us what you need!

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