Why Choose Epsilon?

We focus on audited BPA and ABC publications.

 Our focus is on audited BPA and ABC publications, either full or partial service. If you currently do fulfillment in-house, we're certain we can deliver better service than you are currently receiving. If you are using an outside fulfillment company, we can provide an alternative that we think will outperform your current supplier. 

Real Time Client Access Capability.

Our custom-built Client Access program is an extremely powerful tool that will give you and your staff the control you need. By using this program, you can search for subscribers, add new subscribers, and update existing ones. Additionally, this tool will give you the ability to process renewals.

We do things quickly.

Fast turnaround on special projects, including customized programming means you get what you want NOW. There's no waiting in line. We just do it! We try never to say NO. The time will come when you need something special, like a custom report. We won't tell you "...it's not in the system and is therefore unavailable." With your help, we'll develop it for you.

Happy clients.

 What other fulfillment company gives you a list of all its clients so you can call and ask about the service? Our clients are unanimous in their praise for Epsilon. We'll gladly send you a list as part of our proposal.

Personalized service.


We don't think of ourselves as a vendor -- but rather a partner. We watch your business, ask questions, offer suggestions, and alert you when we think there's a better way. It's an attitude coming from the top -- from Lou Loglisci -- a hands-on president who ensures that you get excellent service.

Smooth, headache-free ABC/BPA audit support.

 Auditors compliment Epsilon on our accurate record keeping. We provide a BPA forecast of your upcoming analyzed issue so you'll always know where you stand.